[TUHS] Failing Memory of an Algol Based System from years ago

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Sun Mar 10 14:39:43 AEST 2019

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>Subject: Re: [TUHS] Failing Memory of an Algol Based System from years ago
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>        http://www.math.utah.edu/~beebe/RC-4000/
>The Web page that comes up gives a directory of the available files,
>and documents the steps needed to produce them.  The result is a
>searchable document, with a single page image per PDF page, rather
>than the mixed bitmap scan of 1-up and 2-up pages in the original PDF

>Despite my 40+ year engagement in the TeX community, I only recently
>learned via the texhax mailing of some PDFTeX internals that allow one
>to construct a file that can retypeset n-up files into 1-up format.
>I therefore make this posting in the hope that someone else might be
>encouraged to tackle similar document improvements in the bitsavers.
>archives.  Although it takes a bit of experimentation, with the
>exception of the OCR conversion, the entire operation can be done with
>free software on pretty much any modern computing platform, thanks to
>the portability of the needed software.

A bit off topic (sorry) but wondering about that PDF conversion. This
may be a dumb question but did you ever try the PDF conversion in
calibre ( https://calibre-ebook.com )?
I like the PDF to htmlz conversion even if mostly the result still
needs (a lot of) extra work.

uncle rubl

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