[TUHS] a possible source for 4.1BSD tapes

Mike Haertel tuhs at ducky.net
Mon Mar 11 08:53:46 AEST 2019

Warner Losh writes:
>There's also
>http://bitsavers.trailing-edge.com/bits/BSD/BSD4.1_bootable.tap.gz which I
>just noticed...

That tape image is has 3 files in it:

The first consists of a bunch of 1024-byte records followed by a
single 512-byte record.  It may be a boot loader.

The second is a file system dump.  I haven't attempted to examine
its contents yet.

The third is a tar of /usr, with absolute pathnames for all files
in it.

The tar archive truncates abruptly in the middle of a Franz Lisp
manual source file, which it is trying to extract somewhere under

Some of the directories in the tar archive have modification times
in 1982, but all of the files in the tar archive are 1981 or earlier.

If you ignore /usr/tape1/* and look only at the earlier files in the
tar archive, it appears it might be a legitimate copy of 4.1BSD as
of Aug 31, 1981.  In particular, there is a large cluster of files
with modification times of 7/9/1981, and fewer than 25 files newer
than that.  The newest file (excluding the /usr/tape1 material)
is 8/31/1981.

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