[TUHS] interpreted C?

Larry McVoy lm at mcvoy.com
Sun May 5 07:30:00 AEST 2019

That's it!  And my memory is exactly like yours, it was a pleasant debugger.
And I think you are right, the normal code was C but the break points ran
in a interpreter.  Neat tool, a shame it's not maintained.

On Sat, May 04, 2019 at 02:08:10PM -0700, Bakul Shah wrote:
> The ups debugger by Mark Russell of University of Kent. It used x11 or sunview. IIRC it used a separate graphics library built directly on top of x11 (or sunview) that provided variable scrolling etc. scrolling speed and direction depended on the distance you dragged the mouse pointer from its initial position. You could click on any source like and add a break or custom code in interpreted C. You could click on the data structure window and follow linked list structures etc. The last version was 3.38 in 2003. I don???t think it works with anything more modern than gcc3. The nicest debugger I ever used.
> > On May 4, 2019, at 1:48 PM, Larry McVoy <lm at mcvoy.com> wrote:
> > 
> > Decades ago there was an interpreted C in an X10 or X11 app, I believe it
> > came from the UK.  And maybe it wasn't X11, maybe it was Sunview? 
> > Whatever it was the author didn't like the bundled scrollbars and had
> > their own custom made one.
> > 
> > You could set breakpoints like a debugger and then go look around at state.
> > 
> > Does anyone else remember that app and what it was called?

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