Jon Steinhart jon at fourwinds.com
Wed May 15 07:01:59 AEST 2019

Ralph Corderoy writes:
> Hi,
> And if others are thinking Dave sounds familiar, like me, it's because
> he was co-developer of the CARDIAC.
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CARDboard_Illustrative_Aid_to_Computation
> -- 
> Cheers, Ralph.

Dave was one of my favorite people in my group.  He was the first person
that met who was absolutely brilliant in technology but couldn't spare any
cycles for things like tying his shoes.

Another interesting thing that he designed was the keyboard that eventually
got hooked up to the music playing version of the digital filter setup that
Hal Alles and Jim Kaiser designed.  It had a ribbon cable the length of the
keyboard that was fed by a binary pattern, and each key had an antenna that
moved across the cable when it was pressed making it possible to determine
how far a key was pressed down.


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