[TUHS] Quotas - did anyone ever use them?

Robert Brockway robert at timetraveller.org
Fri May 31 00:29:01 AEST 2019

On Thu, 30 May 2019, David wrote:

> I think it was BSD 4.1 that added quotas to the disk system, and I was 
> just wondering if anyone ever used them, in academia or industry. As a 
> user and an admin I never used this and, while I thought it was 
> interesting, just figured that the users would sort it out amongst 
> themselves. Which they mostly did.
> So, anyone ever use this feature?

As an undergrad in the 90s I was most definitely subject to quotas on 
university systems.  I believe Unix filesystem quotas have been widely 

FWIW I have quotas enabled on my home fileserver (without enforcement) 
just so I can see user utilisation at a glance.



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