[TUHS] BTL summer employees

Doug McIlroy doug at cs.dartmouth.edu
Sun Aug 2 23:40:48 AEST 2020

> My unscientific survey of summer students was that they either came
> from scouts, or were people working on advanced degrees in college.

Not all high-school summer employees were scouts (or scout equivalents -
kids who had logins on BTL Unix machines). I think in particular of Steve
Johnson and Stu Feldman, who eventually became valued permanent employees.
The labs also hired undergrad summer employees. I was one.

Even high-school employees could make lasting contributions.  I am
indebted to Steve for a technique he conceived during his first summer
assignment: using macro definitions as if they were units of associative
memory. This view of macros stimulated previously undreamed-of uses.


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