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The manual came out in editions, but the code, man pages, etc. changed
continuously.  So what you hear about in a particular paper is not
necessarily correlated with a particular state of the manual.

On Thu, Aug 6, 2020 at 12:49 AM Will Senn <will.senn at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've done research on this, but I'm confused and would appreciate some
> help to understand what's going on. In the 7th edition manual, vol 2,
> there's an ADB tutorial (pp. 323-336). In the tutorial, the authors,
> Maranzano and Bourne, walk the reader through a debugging session. The
> first example is predicated on a buffer overflow bug and the code includes:
> struct buf {
> int fildes;
> int nleft;
> char *nextp; char buff[512]; }bb;
> struct buf *obuf;
> ...
> if((fcreat(argv[1],obuf)) < 0){
> ...
> Well, this isn't v7 code. As discussed in the v7 manual vol 1 (p. VII):
> Standard I/O. The old fopen, getc, putc complex and the old –lp package
> are both dead, and even getchar has changed. All have been replaced by the
> clean, highly efficient, stdio(3) package. The first things to know are
> that getchar(3) returns the integer EOF (–1), which is not a possible byte
> value, on end of file, that 518-byte buffers are out, and that there is a
> defined FILE data type.
> The buffers are out, fcreat is gone, etc. So, what's up with this? I don't
> think adb was in v6, where the fcreat function and buf struct are used...
> Were Maranzano and Bourne using some kind of hybrid 6+ system?
> Thanks,
> Will
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