[TUHS] Regular Expressions

Nelson H. F. Beebe beebe at math.utah.edu
Sun Aug 9 11:15:35 AEST 2020

Dave Horsfall writes about complex regular expressions:

>> ... a test was to run it against all the variations of "Muammar
>> Gaddafi" and its various Anglicised spellings.

The name "Chebyshev" is well known in numerical computation in
mathematics, science, and engineering.  This Web site lists 207
variants in its transliteration from the Cyrillic alphabet to the
Roman one:


The MathSciNet and zbMATH databases each record more than 4300
publications with "Chebyshev" in their titles.  Alas, no online
publication database that I know of permits regular expressions in
searches, so finding publications that use the 200+ variants would be
rather difficult.

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