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Interesting; I was taught it was "Chebychev", which as second ranking
> doesn't even come close to "Chebyshev"...

"Chebychev" is downright bizarre.  The first "Ch" is as in English
"Chebyshev", the second is as in French "Tchebychev".  The other variants
are mostly explicable: for example, in German it's "Tschebyschew".

The final vowel is written "e" but pronounced "o" in Russian, and can come
out either way in transliteration.  Likewise, the final "v" is pronounced
"f", and can be written "v" or "ff" in transliteration.   Tolstoy was
affected by this too: his first name is usually given as either "Leo"
(which is what it means) or "Lev" nowadays, but in the 19C it was usually
spelled "Lyoff" (one syllable), which is how it's pronounced.

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