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Nelson H. F. Beebe beebe at math.utah.edu
Sat Aug 15 06:31:44 AEST 2020

Kirk Mckusick points to


for an archive of the Bell System Technical Journal family.

On 30-Apr-2014, the journal publication moved from Wiley to IEEE, and
as of today, the latter has issues back to 1996 at


Complete coverage of the family from the first issue in July 1922, now
98 years ago, is at


where DDDD is any decade from 1920 to 2010.  The last publication that
I recorded is for volume 24, December 2019, and so far, nothing newer
has appeared.

For the record, in 2010, the IBM Journal of Research and Development
also moved from IBM to IEEE, putting the issues behind a paywall for
the first time.  The companion IBM Systems Journal ceased publication
in 2008, and in 2011, its archives were moved to IEEE:


IEEE offers complete coverage for both journals.

The DEC Technical Journal, the Hewlett--Packard Journal, and the Intel
Technology Journal are covered at


[Change .bib to .html for similar views, but with live hyperlinks.]

I've never investigated whether Burroughs, CDC, Data General,
Honeywell, NCR, Pr1me, SDS, Univac/Unisys, or Xerox had similar
journals.  Cray had CRAY Channels, but I have not located an archive
for its issues.  List readers who know of such publications are
invited to post suitable links.

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