[TUHS] The UNIX Command Language (1976)

Tom Ivar Helbekkmo tih at hamartun.priv.no
Tue Dec 1 01:12:04 AEST 2020

Brantley Coile <brantley at coraid.com> writes:

> Thank you very much! I've been looking for where Ken used the "much
> needed gap" phrase.

That formulation is funny - but I just got into a discussion with
someone about whether ken was being intentionally funny or not.  To me,
it seems rather obvious that he chose that wording for the humourous
effect of the double-take the reader experiences.  A couple of friends
of mine, though, insist that that paragraph is just clumsily written.
Is he on record anywhere saying which it is?

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of Lisp.  Lisp is the most important idea in computer science.  --Alan Kay

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