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Along those lines, it's always been interesting to me the way that
> Dijkstra's statement about goto must have influenced language design. The
> original "GOTO Statement Considered Harmful" note was quite damning, but I
> wonder if it meant to be: it strikes me that the really dangerous thing
> about "goto" isn't its mere existence or even its use, but rather, it's
> unconstrained use when better alternatives exist in the language. As one
> can observe in well-written C code, judicious use of `goto` can be quite
> elegant in comparison to the alternative.

D-1stra originally sent "Go to [...]" to CACM as a paper entitled "A Case
Against The Go To Statement".  But the editor, who was Niklaus Wirth,
thought it important to publish it quickly, so he turned it into a letter
to the editor and retitled it.
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