[TUHS] The UNIX Command Language (1976)

John Cowan cowan at ccil.org
Thu Dec 3 03:02:27 AEST 2020

On Tue, Dec 1, 2020 at 8:06 PM Adam Thornton <athornton at gmail.com> wrote:

Pretty sure I would pass ALL the members of the list on the street and fail
> to recognize them.  Yes, even the famous ones.

I can pass anyone on the street and fail to recognize them (google
"prosopagnosia" or "face blindness").

> Also, "Fight Club" is not a crap movie and I will fight you over that.

The first rule of Fish Club is that whales are not fish.
The second rule of Fish Club is that lungfish are not fish either.

The first rule of Linguist Club is to explain who belongs to Linguist Club.

The first rule of Tautology Club is the first rule of Tautology Club.

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         to a man booing at the opening of _Arms and the Man_
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