[TUHS] Were cron and at done at the same time? Or one before the other?

Theodore Y. Ts'o tytso at mit.edu
Thu Dec 10 02:58:54 AEST 2020

On Wed, Dec 09, 2020 at 10:40:19AM -0500, Clem Cole wrote:
> My point is that "intelligent design" doesn't necessarily guarantee
> goodness or for that matter,complete logical thinking.

There are some really great quotes, mostly from Linus, but I saw at
least one from Larry McVoy, here, on the subject of "Linux is all
about evolution, not intelligent design" here:


One of the quotes from Linus that is most pertinent for TUHS from the

    > There was a overall architecture, from Dennis and Ken.

    Ask them. I'll bet you five bucks they'll agree with me, not with you.
    I've talked to both, but not really about this particular issue, so I
    might lose, but I think I've got the much better odds.

    If you want to see a system that was more thoroughly _designed_, you
    should probably point not to Dennis and Ken, but to systems like L4 and
    Plan-9, and people like Jochen Liedtk and Rob Pike.

    And notice how they aren't all that popular or well known? "Design" is
    like a religion - too much of it makes you inflexibly and unpopular.

    The very architecture of UNIX has very much been an evolution. Sure, there
    are some basic ideas, but basic ideas do not make a system.

    	     	   	      	    	     	 - Ted

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