[TUHS] Fwd: Origins and life of the pg pager

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Tue Jun 16 05:08:31 AEST 2020

> Clem Cole wrote:
>> I think Eric arrived later than Dan (maybe a year later), but was also
>> ex-MIT, and he too had used/seen --MORE-- on ITS as Dan had. But I was
>> under the impression Eric started over.
> That's not what Dan writes (see below), but I'll ask him to confirm his
> version.

He responded and asked me to post his reply to the mailing list:

   As described in https://danhalbert.org/more.html, I wrote the
   original version of more. It was only a page or two or code, and was
   meant to replace the dysfunctional cr3. It went into raw mode so it
   could read a space as a "next page" character, but otherwise didn't
   care about what kind of terminal it was on. (The ADM-3's (not 3A's)
   were barely a terminal.)

   Clem Cole's timeline is a bit off. Eric Shienbrood, Geoff Peck, and I
   all arrived at Berkeley at the same time in fall 1978 as CS grad
   students, and became friends (along with some other folks).

   After I wrote the first version, I did not have time to continue to
   working on it, so Eric picked it up and added many more features. My
   contribution is that I had the original idea (to replace cr3) and
   coined the name, and made the very first version. I am grateful to
   Eric, Geoff, and others taking it much further with many more

   I am still in touch with Eric, and will ask him to see what he has to
   say. We are both still alive so I appreciate Lars getting in touch
   with me to verify.

   I also wrote a hack less as a joke, which was more except that it
   scrolled up the screen rather than down . I think it was Bill Joy who
   then wrote another less that paged from the end of the file (and also
   scrolled up the screen).

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