[TUHS] Origins and life of the pg pager

Steffen Nurpmeso steffen at sdaoden.eu
Tue Jun 23 08:43:01 AEST 2020

Bakul Shah wrote in
<0F78CB9D-870B-4008-B975-23756EFC6F83 at iitbombay.org>:
 |$ PAGER="col -b" git log
 |33mcommit fe147581ff1c5b0571a40369cd257fe60bfee58cm33m (m1;36mHEAD \
 |-> m1;32mmasterm33m, m1;31morigin/masterm33m)m
 |$ git log | cat
 |commit fe147581ff1c5b0571a40369cd257fe60bfee58c
 |There is probably a way to turn off syntax coloring but I haven't bothered \
 |to learn.
 |$ man git-log | wc
 |2512 14056 127024

Hihihi.  I wanted to reply

Rob Pike wrote in
<CAKzdPgzR_pdZLKeGrYTNAXyyXR_=iXtJTEa3TFkOFra6e8b8+g at mail.gmail.com>:
 |There is only one correct way.
 |% grep PAGER .bashrc
 |export PAGER='col -b'

As long as groff(1) is used for manual display i assume you also
have "export GROFF_NO_SGR=1".
The source of

  #?0|kent:steffen$ pkginfo -o `command -v col`
  Package     File
  util-linux  usr/bin/col
  util-linux  usr/bin/colcrt
  util-linux  usr/bin/colrm
  util-linux  usr/bin/column
  #?0|kent:steffen$ prt-get info util-linux
  Name:         util-linux
  Path:         /usr/ports/core
  Version:      2.35.2
  Release:      1
  Description:  Miscellaneous system utilities
  URL:          https://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/utils/util-linux/
  Maintainer:   CRUX System Team, core-ports at crux dot nu
  Dependencies: eudev,ncurses,zlib


   * This command is deprecated.  The utility is in maintenance mode,
   * meaning we keep them in source tree for backward compatibility
   * only.  Do not waste time making this command better, unless the
   * fix is about security or other very critical issue.
   * See Documentation/deprecated.txt for more information.

Plan9port has a version, though.  And i searched in golang/cmd,
but did not find a copy.

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