[TUHS] Command line options and complexity

Nelson H. F. Beebe beebe at math.utah.edu
Thu Mar 5 00:06:53 AEST 2020

Arnold Robbins writes:

>> There was no tac in V7 Unix. It was first posted to USENET, I don't
>> know by who, and picked up by Linux and *BSD.

That brought back memories, and to verify them, I checked the tac.c
source code in the latest GNU coreutils test release.  It says

/* Written by Jay Lepreau (lepreau at cs.utah.edu).
   GNU enhancements by David MacKenzie (djm at gnu.ai.mit.edu). */

So my memory was right that my old friend Jay was the author.  Sadly, 
we lost him in September 2008: see

Jay founded the influential Flux group in advanced networking research:


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