[TUHS] eqn anomaly

Norman Wilson norman at oclsc.org
Wed Mar 11 11:46:26 AEST 2020

On (post-)V10:

echo '.EQ
define f % $1 %
.EN' | eqn


.lf 1 -
.ds 11 "\f2a,b\fP
.if 1m>\n(.v .ne 1m
.rn 11 10
.lf 5

On a Linux system with GNU eqn (groff) version 1.22.3,
the output is rather more verbose (48 lines!), but
the troff result is just an a (rather than the proper
a,b) and eqn complains

eqn:<standard input>:3: newline before end of quoted text

I assume this Linux result is more or less what Doug

Norman Wilson
Toronto ON
(still heating my basement with a MicroVAX)

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