[TUHS] BSD Net/2 Updates from CSRG

Dan Plassche boomer3200 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 08:56:03 AEST 2020


Would anyone know how the CSRG made available updates to the public
distribution of Net/2 before releasing 4.4 BSD Lite?

Net/2 was released on tape in July 1991 as represented in the TUHS
archive.  The first mention I see of the sources appearing online is old
usenet posts announcing the bsd-sources mirror on uu.net starting in
January 1992.

However, the Net/2 derived versions of NetBSD (0.8-0.9) and FreeBSD
(1.0- imported userland tools revised after both dates in early
1993, when there are also mentions of using 4.4 code in the commit logs
(well before Lite 1 was released in March 1994).

At this point, I'm wondering if the latest code was issued on tape at the
time of a request for Net/2 sources and there were direct uploads from
the CSRG to any online mirrors before the USL lawsuit?


Dan Plassche

Dan Plassche

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