[TUHS] The most surprising Unix programs

Grant Taylor gtaylor at tnetconsulting.net
Sat Mar 21 03:23:52 AEST 2020

On 3/20/20 10:40 AM, Jon Steinhart wrote:
> RPN is much easier when thinking on the fly; algabraic is much easier
> when copying equations off of a page.

Would you humor me with an example of what you mean by "thinking on the 
fly"?  Either I'm not understanding you or we think differently.

I think I understand the algabraic copying.

> I think that this mainly comes from not having to worry about
> parentheses with RPN.  Moving things around on the stack when having
> to rearrange is easier than having to move things in and out of
> registers.

I'm not following.

With my limited understanding of RPN, I would not currently dare alter 
the stack.  Perhaps that's part of why I find RPN to be more of a 
computational burden in needing to rearrange the equation to align with 
stack order.

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