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I remember Ron! He was quite a character. And I remember festoon.

Was it he, or Bob Flandrena, that gave us the holiday poetical and 
phonetical treat:

     Tweeze Denied Beef Workers Isthmus

(Say it out loud fast, with a pause in the middle of "Workers", to get it).

I think I have it on paper somewhere, but no soft copy.

     Mary Ann

On 3/20/20 1:13 PM, Ed Bradford wrote:
> When I left BTL in 1983, I made a tar tape. A number of years later I 
> translated the tape into a file. Only recently have I wandered through it.
> I don't know how many people remember Ron Hardin in the Columbus BTL 
> location. He was one of the smartest guys I ever met. There are lot of 
> Ron Hardin stories. One of his creations (as far as I know he authored 
> it) was a program to create Memorandums For File -- technical 
> memorandums. My tar tape scooped up festoon. To this day it compiles 
> and runs happily on Windows 10. It was written in 1978 or thereabouts. 
> Here is an example output:
> bin$ festoon.exe .TL No Worthynesses .AU "C. C. Festoon" CCF 
> Headquarters 1584734291 .AS A restriction had been being amicated by a 
> convenience at the inclusion. .AE .MT "MEMORANDUM FOR COAT LOCKER" .hy 
> 1 On this occasion, no team responsibilities could have polyesced a 
> renewed emphasis. A friction had penated an activation. At the present 
> moment in time, an undue number of good progresses being collected 
> together with the populations were being proportionately fideated by 
> the fact that there was a data stream which was transenniesced by an 
> issuance being joined together with these team re sponsibilities, 
> because natural basises have been veriating a partitioning. The 
> supplementary work should be conclusively quinquepolyated by a well 
> defined interfacing. A sophisticatedness by a schedule is operated by 
> a nature in conflict with a correspondence under some serious discussi 
> ons. It is within the realm of possibility that the effectiveness had 
> vicfacesced a schedule, but there was not a necessary background 
> information which is being testesced by a strong interest, and a 
> statistical accuracy was tempoesced by the preparation. It should be 
> noted that a joint partnership very repeatedly aidioated this 
> publication of a centralized organization. Due to the fact that there 
> is a simplification which simply enniesced a process, a new technology 
> is fluxesced from monorogatities. It is of the utmost importance that 
> an insurance could be putated by an assumption. A major advance 
> centered about a deficiency octocessates an important outcome. .P An 
> effectation would extramicroate to the situation. A complete revision 
> gravated a direction. Inasmuch as there was not a potential usefulness 
> that cedeates by the timely delivery, a consideration centered around 
> a technique was monofortated by an integration: .BL .LI There is a not 
> unclear meterdom which had risiesced an occasion. .LE .P A clamstress 
> of this enclosedness is cludescing the hemidormity. .P To arrive at an 
> approximation, a large quantity had been chromated by a strong 
> feeling. Moreover, that idea sharing was lusated by a current 
> proposal. Anytime that the final outcomes had been very firmly 
> unpathesced by not unphilaible reasonable compromises, no serious 
> concerns might be being sacrated by internal establishments for the 
> basic objectives in back of a full utili zation. .P As a consequence 
> of the fact that a total effect might vacate an easily situational 
> beneficial assistance, the apparent provisioning being effectuated by 
> a continuing difference can have protenesced a realization of an 
> underly ing purpose. A different doubtful important outcome is 
> cludated by a capkin. A rationale had fortated attachments. Moreover, 
> this assumption had nilcoresced the continuing study. .P .H 1 "An 
> Easily Added Basic Assumption Being Joined Together With A Concept 
> Stage" There is not an impediment which neoated a restriction, 
> therefore. A couple utilizations could morsate a great similarity at 
> considerable difficulties, but an input is primescing the concept 
> activities, and a growing importance was hemicisesced by that 
> beneficial assistance. In the same connection, these extremenesses are 
> rather usefully ultralucesced by directions. .SG .NS 0 C. R. Glitch S. 
> A. Hobble R. S. Limn M. Shayegan
> .NE
> Ed Bradford, Ph.D. Physics, retired from IBM
> BTL 1976-1983
> -- 
> Advice is judged by results, not by intentions.
>   Cicero
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