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> I've forgotten when 'enum' and 'void' got added (which are not in the white
> book - Steve Johnson or Doug may remember).   But, I think they were in the
> V7 compiler, and not Typesetter C.

Since I was recently researching these myself:

There was an extra page in the 7th Edition manual titled "Recent Changes
to C" which described both structure assignment and the enumeration


This paper appears in the UNIX System III "The C Programming Language
Reference Manual", but there's no mention of "void" in that manual.  On
the other hand the UNIX System III PDP-11 compiler mentions "void" (1980).

I don't see any mention of "void" in 7th Edition sources.  However the
version of 'awk' on the v7addenda tape from "12/2/80" has one "(void)"
cast.  The only mention of "void" in dmr's "The Development of the C
Language" paper (from HOPL-II, 1993) seems to be in the
"Standardization" section where it's mentioned that it's not described
in the first edition of K&R.  There's mention in the CSTR#102 paper from
Sept. 1981 of the "void" type.  The 2.9BSD code uses "void", but the
sources I have don't include a copy of the compiler.

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