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Mon Mar 30 23:38:38 AEST 2020

On Mon, 30 Mar 2020, Clem Cole wrote:

> kernel support to?handle?select(2) properly).? I remember talking to Sam (arguing
> with him most probably) about it one night before it was fully created.? ?Iwant
> to say, he had worked on something similar at the firm he was at (the firm
> name I now forget -- si-mumble -- they were in Mt. View) before he joined
> CRSG.? I don't remember now the issues I had, but I do remember it was a bit
> of mess to support the way the AP hardware assumed it could do DMA on the
> UBA[2]

>From my notes:

After graduating, Leffler got a job in the Silicon Valley
at Sytek, a small firm in Sunnyvale.
% CITE: archives/csrg-archives/disk1/mnt/2.79/usenet/netdir/sites/sytek
They used a PDP 11/45 and moved to a VAX 11/750 running VM/UNIX
with four 300 baud ACU's (Automatic Call Units aka ``modems``) ---
they marketed a broadband network to
connect thousands of stations using coaxial cable over a distance
of 40 miles.
% maybe CITE: 
Since they were using a VAX and he had kept in touch with Joy, he was
a beta-test site for 4BSD.\cite{salus1994}

% NOTE: about sytek: an ad to find employees

% NOTE: not to take over since no Sun then
Leffler went to Berkeley to work with Joy\cite{billshannon2} in the
fall of 1981.\cite{salus1994}.

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