[TUHS] 11/40 CPU (Emulation) test programs still available somewhere

Michael Stiller mstiller at me.com
Sat May 16 07:00:04 AEST 2020

Hi Legends,

during corona times i “ported” Dave Cheney’s avr11 PDP11/40 emulator to a Teensy 4 MCU board,

fixed already some bugs in it and added multiple rk drives and a partially working tm emulation.

(space forward/reverse unimplemented)

It runs V6 at about 1 Mips and is completely fine usable with multiple rk and tm drives.

Playing around with V6 i noticed that Shoppa disk and tried to get ncc running, but after some

debugging it looked like it is stuck in some loop which i think is due to possible bugs in 

the emulator code. 

So the question is, are there programs V6 runnable or rk bootable available which test the CPU
functionality? I already hat a look at some xxdp disk, but the one i found (while they boot)
seem to lack basic cpu tests.

Best regards,


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