[TUHS] v7 K&R C

Steve Nickolas usotsuki at buric.co
Sat May 16 07:53:22 AEST 2020

On Fri, 15 May 2020, Richard Tobin wrote:

>> Isn't it nonstandard (although I am aware of some compilers that do it) to
>> default the type of char to unsigned?
> No.
>  "The implementation shall define char to have the same range,
>  representation, and behavior as either signed char or unsigned char."
>  - C99
> (Technically it's a separate type from both of them.)
> -- Richard

Huh.  I thought all integers were supposed to be signed by default 
regardless of their size.  o.o

That said, I do use "int c; ... c=fgetc(stdin);" or the like in my code.


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