[TUHS] History of popularity of C

Thomas Paulsen thomas.paulsen at firemail.de
Fri May 22 06:33:38 AEST 2020

>Microsoft C 7.0 already had a C++ compiler and an early version of MFC in
>1992. But you're right: it was when Visual C++ 1.0 came out in 1993 that C++ became 
>really popular among developers targeting Windows.  VC1.0 introduced "wizards"
msc was really good in those days. As a systems guy I used to study its generated assembly code which was extremely good. However today's gcc uses advanced instructions too, thus also very good, whereas all the unix cc's of the 90ths known to me were rather naive, simple lex&yacc derived.
The  "wizards" also were very good making gui programmig much easier.

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