[TUHS] History of popularity of C

Thomas Paulsen thomas.paulsen at firemail.de
Wed May 27 07:48:43 AEST 2020

>And that's exactly what's wrong with C now -- except it's probably even
>a bit worse for C as the majority of people who have been sitting on the
>C standards committees for the past decades are primarily either those
>with deeply funded agendas about how they think they can make more money
>with the language if only it behaves a certain way (e.g. more like C++);

they don't play any role, as the C language was defined decades ago. I learned it 
before the ansi committee came to an end by Turbo C and soon later MS C, and then 
various *NIX compilers. Recently I written a couple of linux programs using gcc 
with exactly the same syntax I studied 30 years ago, and it works pretty cool. All 
these programs are error free performing very fast while having a small memory 
footprint. For me there is nothing better than C, and I know a lot of languages.

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