[TUHS] LSX on the PDP-11/03 (LSI-11)

Paul Riley paul at rileyriot.com
Sun May 31 16:26:25 AEST 2020

I've managed to acquire a PDP-11/03 with twin floppy drives (Sykes
Datatronics RX01 or RX02 equivalents, not sure yet which).

I've stumbled across LSX, and I have it running on SimH. I'm quite
inexperienced with Unix, but it's something I want to learn well, having
brushed against it at university in the '80s, and having played with Linux

I have some interest in Forth, but I don't like the block system of early
forths such as FigForth, and I plan to create a new Forth based on
FigForth, but supporting external source files.

Anyway, I've tried compiling Hello World on LSX, and I get "1: External
definition syntax" error. Some help would be nice, but more generally, is
anyone on this list more than vaguely familiar with LSX, or 6th Edition

void main () {
        printf("Hello World!");

It seems that the 7th Edition was the beginning of the standard library in
C, and that this is missing in LSX. I'm not sure if printf is an intrinsic
function in (6th Edition) C, or if it's from a library.

My questions are a bit random, but looking to converse with others with LSX


*Paul Riley*

Email: paul at rileyriot.com
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