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Fri Nov 27 07:48:25 AEST 2020

Theodore Y. Ts'o wrote in
 <20201126145134.GB394251 at mit.edu>:
 |On Wed, Nov 25, 2020 at 05:22:55PM +0000, Ralph Corderoy wrote:
 |>> wondering if there is a better way to generate the output from
 |>> the code in a way that respects TERMinal capabilites.
 |>     tput setf 4; date; tput sgr0
 |> See terminfo(5).
 |> (BTW, I don't think the question is worthy of TUHS.)
 |To make this a bit more TUHS-focused, was there anything that had
 |similar functionality which pre-dated Bill Joy and termcap in late
 |(I'll note that in recent years, most people seem to have not bothered
 |with terminfo, given that all the world's a Vax^H^H^HSun^H^H^HLinux
 |^H^H^H^Hxterm.  :-)

ANSI escape sequences aka ISO 6429 came via ECMA-48 i have
learned, and that appeared first in 1976 (that via Wikidpedia).
I made a survey about twenty years ago over terminfo (source)
entries, and found it not worth the effort to care for anything
else, and not to padding, too.  (My experience with hardware does
not even cause a little cough in this audience, however.)

 |      - Ted
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