[TUHS] Apple IIe Unix?

Niklas Karlsson nikke.karlsson at gmail.com
Fri Nov 27 08:30:04 AEST 2020


I seriously doubt there's a "real" Unix for such a small machine from that
era. There may be workalikes, of course. I know of a Unix workalike for the
Commodore 64 called LUnix, but it isn't really a full Unix. That's almost
(almost!) the same CPU, at least.

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Den tors 26 nov. 2020 kl 22:56 skrev Will Senn <will.senn at gmail.com>:

> Hi All,
> So, I'm about to get my very own Apple IIe and while it's an incredibly
> versatile machine for assembly language and hardware hackery, I'm not aware
> of any Unices that run on the machine, natively. Does anybody know of any
> from back in the day?
> It's got a 65c02 processor and somewhere around 128k of RAM, but it's also
> pretty expandable w/7 slots and a huge amount of literature about how to do
> stuff w/those slots.
> Thanks,
> Will
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