[TUHS] free dead trees, to the best possible home

Rich Morin rdm at cfcl.com
Fri Nov 27 12:23:36 AEST 2020

Back in mid-January, I posted a note saying:

> TL; DR.  I'm trying to find the best possible home for some dead trees.  ...

A lot (far too much, IMNSHO!) has happened since then.  In any case, I thought folks here might appreciate an update.  In brief, Iain Maoileoin offered to pay for shipping a largely unknown amount of technical (mostly computer-related) books to his repurposed missile sile (!) near Inverness, Scotland.

Early this Fall, I packed up 16 cardboard boxes (designated 0-F, of course :-) and the shippers hauled them off.  Dunno when they'll arrive, let alone in what condition, but trying to save them from recycling seemed worth the effort.  FYI, the total weight was a bit over a ton.

Meanwhile, my spouse and I gave away and/or packed up the rest of our things and drove ourselves and five cats up to Seattle, WA, USA.  Somewhere in a shipping container, there is still a cubic foot or so of historical Unix papers from Jim Joyce; when it surfaces, I'll post again about rehoming it.


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