[TUHS] How to Kill a Technical Conference

Theodore Ts'o tytso at mit.edu
Tue Apr 6 07:11:35 AEST 2021

On Mon, Apr 05, 2021 at 01:39:54PM -0700, Larry McVoy wrote:
> Whoever was running Usenix contacted me after seeing the success of 
> Linux Expo and begged me to bring those people to Usenix.  I was offered
> a board seat, I could be reviewer for life, anything I wanted.
> All I asked for was blind reviews.  Didn't ask anything for myself, just
> blind reviews so you could be a nobody and get judged on the quaility of
> your work rather than your name.

FAST reviews are blind.  ATC conferences are (as of the last time I
was on an ATC PC a year or two ago) are still not blinded.

	       	      	   	   - Ted

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