[TUHS] PC Unix (had been How to Kill a Technical Conference

M Douglas McIlroy m.douglas.mcilroy at dartmouth.edu
Wed Apr 7 01:35:22 AEST 2021

> I wonder. IBM introduced the IBM PC in August of 1981.
> That was years after a non-memory managed version of
> Unix was created by Heinze Lycklama,  LSX. Is anyone
> on this list familiar with Bell Labs management thoughts
> on  selling IBM on LSX rather than "dos"?

IBM famously failed to buy the well-established CP/M in
1980. (CP/M had been introduced in 1974, before the
advent of the LSI-11 on which LSX ran.) By then IBM had
settled on Basic and Intel.  I do not believe they ever
considered Unix and DEC, nor that AT&T considered
selling to IBM. (AT&T had--fortunately--long since been
rebuffed in an attempt to sell to DEC.)


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