[TUHS] SUN (Stanford University Network) was PC Unix

Al Kossow aek at bitsavers.org
Sat Apr 10 03:02:21 AEST 2021

On 4/9/21 12:22 AM, Lars Brinkhoff wrote:
> Jason Stevens wrote:
>> Is there any solid info on the Stanford SUN boards?
> I believe SAIL PDP-10 backup tapes have a large amount of files about
> the Stanford SUN project.  But due to privacy concerns it would not be
> easy to make the information public.  Maybe if there were a concerted
> effort to contact Vaughan Pratt, Andy Bechtolsheim, et al, and ask their
> permission.

All of the schematics and prom dumps of the Stanford version are on bitsavers,
CPU, 3m Ethernet, and frame buffer. The VLSI Systems design sold by Andy before
Sun was founded is the original SUN design. The 3meg ethernet was used at PARC
for the Dicentra router, I don't know if any third parties licensed the frame
buffer, maybe Lucasfilm.

Stanford extended the original design for campus routers with more memory. There was
an example of that board in a display case in the Gates building before the
remodeling started.

If you were going after permission, it would also be good to get SAIL's version
of SUDS and if they have it the LLNL S1 designs and software.

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