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The Kildall biography video is WAYYYYY informative. THANK YOU!!!


Why did a Ph.D., an academic, and a computer scientist not know about UNIX
in 1974 or so? 1976? In 1976, some (many?) universities had source code. I
had an account ("egb") on  ucbunix (University of California, Berkeley) in
1978 or so. I was one of the initial "customers" of Bill Joy's "vi".

We really need to add Bill Joy to this community. He has a LOT to add to
the history of UNIX -- especially from the view from UCB folks.

Where is Bill Joy today? Of all the folks I've ever met, Bill Joy is the
only one who, had he joined BTL 127, would have had major contributions. He
didn't. He went the route of being a founding person with Sun Microsystems.
I would have done the same.

Bill Joy, where are you?

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> >> IBM famously failed to buy the well-established CP/M in 1980. (CP/M had
> >> been introduced in 1974, before the advent of the LSI-11 on which LSX
> ran.)
> >> [...]
> >
> > And unlike the popular urban myth, Gary Kildall was not out playing golf
> when
> > IBM tried to contact him.
> Gary Killdall was a host on PBS' "The Computer Chronicles" and they did
> a story on him after his death that covers this, as well as other info
> on his life and work with DRI.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVqBokd3l2E
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