[TUHS] ching in Unix

Sean Dwyer ewe2 at ewe2.ninja
Sun Apr 11 06:32:14 AEST 2021

On Sat, Mar 27, 2021 at 11:29:49PM -0700, scj at yaccman.com wrote:
> I probably wrote the first version of Ching.   You could type a question as
> an argument and it would hash the question and use it to simulate yarrow
> sticks.  I used a small book for the "prophecies", and at some point
> realized that it was probably some kind of copyright violation so I dropped
> it.  It's quite possible that others tinkered with it as well, that being
> the way the world worked then.
> ---

That's interesting, so there was a trail of authorship, a history we have lost
touch with unless we find the long-lost v6 source or the 32v sources that can
shed light on this more. I am a little surprised that the Legge translation
was not used as a basis for prophecies, it's been public domain AFAIK. 

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