[TUHS] pcc in 8th edition

Paul Ruizendaal pnr at planet.nl
Sun Apr 25 19:15:15 AEST 2021

Sometimes one thing leads to another.

Following the recent mention of some retro-brew 68K single board systems, I decided to build a CB030 board (in progress). I figure it is a rough proxy for a 1980 VAX and would allow for some experimentation with the 32V / SysIII / 8th edition code.

My first thought was to use the M68K compiler that is included with the bit sources (see THUS Archive for this), as I had used that before to explore some of the Blit source. That compiler is LP32, not ILP32 - which may be a source of trouble. Just changing the SZINT parameter yielded some issues, so I started looking at the PCC source.

This source does not have a “table.c” in the well known format as described in the “A tour of the portable C compiler” paper. Instead it uses a file “stin” which appears to be in a more compact format and is translated into a “table.c” file by a new pre-processor ("sty.y”). Then looking at the VAX compilers for 8th and 10th edition, these to use this “stin” file.

All the other m68K compilers (based on pcc) that I found appear to derive from the V7/32V/SysIII lineage, not from the 8th edition lineage.

A quick google did not yield much background or documentation on the STY format.

Anybody on this list that can shed some light on the history of the STY table and on how to use it? Any surviving reports or memos that would be useful?

Many thanks in advance


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