[TUHS] pcc in 8th edition

Norman Wilson norman at oclsc.org
Mon Apr 26 08:02:26 AEST 2021

Dan Cross:

  I seem to recall that LCC was also used, at least on 10th Ed. Am I
  imagining things, or was that real?


Some of the earliest work on lcc was done in 1127; Chris
Fraser worked for the Labs for some years, Dave Hanson
collaborated from his appointment at Princeton.  I believe
there was a /usr/bin/lcc.  Some programs used it, either
because they needed some part of the ISO syntax (pcc2 was
pre-ISO) or just because.

I don't think that version of lcc used Reiser's c2 optimizer;
it generated reasonably good code by itself, including
emitting auto-increment/decrement instructions.  Later
versions of lcc (such as that I later adopted as cc in
my personal V10 world) couldn't do that any more, so I
had to keep c2, and in fact to modify it to turn
	addl3 a,b,(p)
	mova 4(p),p
	addl3 a,b,(p)+
(or maybe it was addl2 $4,p, I forget)

But that's another story which I'll tell only if asked,
and nothing to do with the original question.

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