[TUHS] A stack of PDP-11 field maintenance print sets

Kenneth Goodwin kennethgoodwin56 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 6 10:25:25 AEST 2021

There are several computer museums that might be interested in them
So don't toss them at this point.

On Fri, Mar 5, 2021, 5:52 PM John Floren <john at jfloren.net> wrote:

> I've been hauling around a pile of DEC Field Maintenance Print Sets
> for PDP-11 components for over a decade now, intending to see if
> they're worth having scanned or if there are digital versions out
> there already. Can anyone on the list point me to either an existing
> archive where these exist, or an archivist who would be interested in
> scanning them? They're full of exploded diagrams, schematics, and
> assembly listings.
> Here's the list of what I have:
> Field Maintenance Print Set (17" wide, 11" high):
> RLV11 disk controller
> RL01-AK disk drive
> ADV-11A (??)
> Field Maintenance Print Set (14" wide, 8.5" high):
> RL01 disk drive
> DLV11-J serial line controller
> RLV11 disk controller
> KFD11-A cpu
> KEF11-A floating point processor
> PDP11/23
> PDP11/03-L
> Thanks,
> John Floren
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