[TUHS] 4.4BSD sparc, pmax binary recently compiled

MOCHIDA Shuji mochid at netside.co.jp
Sun Mar 7 02:01:10 AEST 2021

>  gxemul -X -e 3max -db:./bsd44f-pmax-self-20210224.dkimg -j vmunix

 You may add -o '-s' to boot single user, for setting time.

  # TZ=Japan date
  Sat Mar 6 20:11:12 JST 1994
  # TZ=Japan date 2103062012
  Sat Mar 6 20:12:00 JST 2021
  # fsck -p
  # ^D

That is same as NetBSD 1.1/pmax. Emulator GXemul returns fixed year
value 72 in gxemul-0.6.2/src/devices/dev_mc146818.cc
mc146818_update_time():244, 4.4BSD's src/sys/pmax/pmax/clock.c
inittodr() do year + YR_OFFSET -> 94, evry time you boot.

> Now I just need to figure out how to get things in and out of there!

 gxemul support NAPT networking by default, router prepared.
You can add same network address to le0.

  # ifconfig le0
  # route add default

 If your gxemul is by pkgsrc, and above 0.6.2nb1, tap(4) support exists.

 I can use NFS (mount_nfs -P), and amd (use mount:=, unmount:=),
though low speed and unstable.


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