[TUHS] [COFF] Pondering the hosts file

Henry Bent henry.r.bent at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 07:20:45 AEST 2021

> Perhaps a more interesting question, and one which I cannot quickly answer
> (nor am I going to go pinging huge swaths of the public internet), is are
> there any hosts in any version of HOSTS.TXT that are still on the public
> internet in the same location?  Or - and perhaps there is an easy answer to
> this that I do not know - is there a repository of old WHOIS databases?  I
> remember being stymied ~20 years ago that Ultrix had SRI-NIC.ARPA hardcoded
> in the whois binary and I couldn't find a hostname of the correct length
> with which to replace it...
> -Henry

A quick flash of inspiration revealed a partial answer to this.
tick.usno.navy.mil and tock.usno.navy.mil have been and since 1994:
https://groups.google.com/g/news.test/c/VGw06jeo2Zk/m/1oi8rsKVxrQJ .  I've
been relying on these for almost as long as they've been online.
Unfortunately they do not show up in the 1995 HOSTS.TXT file.

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