[TUHS] Fred Grampp

Norman Wilson norman at oclsc.org
Fri Mar 12 09:35:52 AEST 2021

As I remember it, the Facilities folks were so upset about
someone painting stuff on Their Water Tower that a complaint
went to Vic Vyssotsky, then Executive Director of Division
112 (one step up from Sandy Fraser, who was Director of 1127).

The story was that Vic and/or Sandy told them that there were
60 people in the research centre and no way to tell who did it.

Word was then quietly passed to certain people--Vic and Sandy
in fact knew exactly who--that things were getting out of hand,
please lay off the Peter-face pranking for a while.

I tried to start a rumour that Vic did the painting, but it
never took off.  I hope Vic at least heard it.  He'd have
enjoyed the rumour, surely laughed at the prank while knowing
he'd have to calm things down, and 20 years earlier might well
have been involved in something like that.

It was Vic who, on learning I was a cyclist, urged me to try
cycling on the newly-constructed but not yet open segment of
interstate highway that ran behind the Labs.  He apparently
had done so and found it lots of fun.  Alas, I never did.

Norman Wilson
Toronto ON

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