[TUHS] Fred Grampp

Brian Walden tuhs at cuzuco.com
Tue Mar 16 08:46:42 AEST 2021

Amazing coincidences. A week prior I was researching Topper Toys
looking for their old factory ("largest toy factory in the world")
As there was litte on it's location and it lead me to find out
in 1961 it took over the old Singer Factory in Elizabeth, NJ.
So looking up the Singer factory led me to "Elizabeth,
New Jersey, Then and Now" by Robert J. Baptista


Which had no information on Topper, but had had this paragraph in it's Singer
section on page 28 --

    Boys earned money "rushing the growler" at lunchtime at the Singer plant.
    German workers lowered their covered beer pails, called growlers, on ropes
    to the boys waiting below. They earned a nickel by filling them with beer
    at Grampp's saloon on Trumbull St. One of these boys was Thomas Dunn who
    later became a long term Mayor. In the early 1920s Frederick Grampp went
    into the hardware business at the corner of Elizabeth Ave. and Reid St.

When I read it I thought funny, as I know the name Fred Grampp. But beleived
just a coincidenental same name. After reading the biography post, I went back
to the book as it turns out that Fred Grampp is your Fred Grampps's
grandfather.  You can find more his family and the hardware store and
Grampp himself on pages 163-164, and 212.


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