[TUHS] SCO marketing FreeBSD (was: Micnet, Was: Surprised about Unix System V in the 80's - so sparse!)

Dave Horsfall dave at horsfall.org
Sun Mar 21 16:53:12 AEST 2021

On Sun, 21 Mar 2021, Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:

>> I'd love to hear more recent news...
> So would I.  I wonder if they're still basing on FreeBSD 10.

Well, I'm still on 10:

     FreeBSD aneurin.horsfall.org 10.4-RELEASE-p13 FreeBSD 10.4-RELEASE-p13 #0: Thu Sep 27 09:21:23 UTC 2018     root at amd64-builder.daemonology.net:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC  i386

Just not enough hours in the day when one is retired...  I have a spare 
(and faster) box waiting for RELEASE once I get a round tuit, based upon 
my experiences with partition sizes[*] with the old box (I refuse to sling 
everything under "/").

Dreadful things happen if /tmp is "tmpfs", /tmp fills up with a massive 
compilation, and swap was too small...

-- Dave

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