[TUHS] [TUHS} .ss paragraph-style-footnote example, then and now

M Douglas McIlroy m.douglas.mcilroy at dartmouth.edu
Thu Mar 25 07:03:16 AEST 2021

As the example came through in my mail reader--in a different,
proportionally spaced font, the effect of .ll in the examples was hard
to figure out. Which of the two line lengths in the new case is
actually operative? Why are the inch lengths in the old and new
examples so different? The new example is ticklish, since it depends
on the peculiar AI that identifies sentence endings. Suppose reference
1 is naively broken after "Soc."

I prefer the old example because it's clean to read, isn't mixed up
with AI, and incidentally illustrates a nontrivial use for .nop.


> The example itself originally read:
>     .ll 4.5i
>     1.\ This is the first footnote.\c
>     .ss 48
>     .nop
>     .ss 12
>     2.\ This is the second footnote.
>     RESULT:
>     1. This is the first footnote.        2. This
>     is the second footnote.
> The new version of this example is:
>     .ie n .ll 50n
>     .el   .ll 2.75i
>     .ss 12 48
>     1. J. Fict. Ch. Soc. 6 (2020), 3\[en]14.
>     2. Better known for other work.
>     RESULT:
>     1. J. Fict. Ch. Soc. 6 (2020), 3-14.     2. Better
>     known for other work.

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