[TUHS] Remember the ed thread?

Harald Arnesen skogtun at gmail.com
Tue Mar 30 17:37:30 AEST 2021

John P. Linderman [30.03.2021 00:29]:

>     In common to both schemes is that each both styles had 132 hammers
>     and when the proper character was in the position needed, the hammer
>     fired to make an impression the ribbon on the paper, which was
>     caused the noise people associated with computer printers.  The
>     high-end IBM 1401 had a hydraulic cover that came down over it and
>     was controlled by the channel processor (it would auto-open when it
>     needed to be serviced - like a new box of paper).
> This led to the "first commandment of fancy printers": Thou shalt not
> leave thine coffee on top of the printer. -- jpl

A former co-worker told me he had once placed a deck of punched cards on
top of such a printer...he didn't do it a second time.
Hilsen Harald

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