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Ron Pool amp1ron at gmail.com
Sat May 1 06:28:44 AEST 2021

> Does anyone here have an archive of SunOS patches?  I'm looking for one specific one, 100332-08,
> for Fortran 1.4.  Feel free to reply off-list.  Thanks!

There are ISO images of SunSolve patch CDs from 1995 to 1998 on archive.org: https://archive.org/search.php?query=sunsolve

I found that at least one of the March 1996 SunSolve v2.8 archive has the patch you're after.

Disc B (https://archive.org/download/SUNSOLVE_1996-03_280/SUNSOLVE_1996-03_2_8_b.iso.gz) of the two ISOs
for SunSolve v2.8 of March 1996 has many patches, including FILES/100382_0.gz.  I was doing all of this
on Windows so the names were not what I'd expect to see if I mounted the CD in SunOS.  I ended up having
to change the names of files a little before I could unpack them with 7-zip.  Unpacking 100382_0.gz
gave me 10032_0 .  I renamed that as 100382_0.ar and unpacked it which yielded these three files:


The .tar files unpack what look like complete, usable files for patch-ID 100332-08.

README's contents:

Patch-ID# 100332-08
Keywords: Fortran, Optimizer, Assembler, Code Generator, Math Library, SC1.0
Synopsis: Fortran 1.4: Fixes several bugs including the back end components
Date: 11/Nov/92

SunOS release: 4.1 / 4.1.x
Unbundled Product: FORTRAN
Unbundled Release: 1.4, Patch Release 8
Topic: FORTRAN 1.4, Patch Release 8

BugIds fixed in this patch: 1105525, 1104272, 1097078, 1096836, 1077374, 1080566 (sun3 only), 1081835, 1088393, 1089298 1026497, 1038650, 1041789, 1044329, 1044552, 1052173, 1052645, 1054414, 1056865, 1056866, 1058033, 1058888, 1059673, 1060916, 1061604, 1062128, 1065805, 1065943, 1066115, 1066839, 1067259, 1069293, 1069318, 1070243, 1070315, 1070381, 1073309, 1074464, 1075144, 1076384, 1078317

Changes incorporated in this version: 1105525, 1104272

Architectures for which this patch is available:  Sun4(all), Sun3(all)

Patches which may conflict with this patch: 

  NOTE: If you have previous versions of this Patch Release, you can 
	install this over them. The fixes are cumulated in this release.

Obsoleted by:  

Problem Description:  Detailed in the README/fortran_software file in 
		      the SC1.0.1 directory

1026497 f77 produces bad .stabs for complex structure/union/map
1038650 data value too large for most negative (smallest) integer -2147483648
1041789 Compiler error Impossible tag impldo in routine frexp
1044329 compile -g fails if include is first statement new_triple:
1044552 libF77 contains yacc and lex names _yyparse _yyerror _yylex
1052173 f77pass1 generates kernel error: sendsig: bad signal stack
1052645 Chars 0 to 255 not in fully ordered sequence (not unsigned)
1054414 -U leave upper case option cancels $pragma C()
1056865 do not compute (1/x)**k for x**-k
1056866 x**(-k) computed by inverting x first
1058033 Imaginary part of complex # element of array crashes with O2 or >
1058888 1.3.1 G Format fails on 1.4 libF77.so ld.so undefined ___no
1059673 namelist read of certain sizes fails
1060916 bug in complex template Fc_ne
1061604 Spurious spaces embedded in writing unformatted file
1062128 SC1.0 Optimizer is missing some things it did under SC0.0
1065805 trivial program segment faults f77pass1
1065943 ieee_retrospective "broken"
1066115 secnds doesn't return correct results
1066839 Assigning a binary constant to a character results in core
1067259 1 or 2 byte hollerith strings or constants are not aligned
1069293 CONVERT_EXTERNAL fails for double precision vax to double precision sun
1069318 sscanf does not work correctly when long double value overflows
1070243 Undefined symbol _MAIN_ when using ld1.1.38 patch.
1070315 binaries compiled on 1.3.1 can give undefined symbol when run with 1.4
1070381 printf of 1.0*2**1937 in long double format dumps core
1073309 Bus error and seg. violation due to optimization problem with 1.4
1074464 run-time segmentation violation from four_digits_quick
1075144 Fortran 1.4 is missing the srcbrowser help file SourceBrowser.info
1076384 impossible tag bad tag with inquire statement and -C option.
1077374 segmentation violation when reading a formatted file as unformatted.
1078317 -Nx option set to high number (of COMMON blocks) causes compiler error.
1080566 Valid fortran programs fail to compile on Sun3 machines without 68881s
1081835 fortran programs can't start up if stdin has been closed
1088393 f77 -pic with large number of external symbols fails 
1089298 SC1.0.1 patch 100332-05 library breaks format P/G descriptor combination
1096836 double_to_decimal incorrectly rounds the converted number
1097078 Incorrect rounding of floating point numbers on formatted output
1104272 runtime core dump from compiling w/ -r8 and type-conversion assignments
1105525 Incorrect alternate return taken during execution

Note: The new Assembler and Code Generator backend components are included
      in the sun4 version only. The sun3 version still uses the original
      backend components.

	  These instructions assume you have the following in /tmp  
		this README file (SC1.0.1_README), and
		a tar file of the directory SC1.0.1 (called SC1.0.1_tar)

	  Do either A or B:

	  A. If FORTRAN 1.4 was installed into /usr/lang
	     1. Put the files into /usr/lang:
	            cd  /usr/lang
	            tar  xvf  /tmp/SC1.0.1_tar
	     2. Remove the soft links of f77, as & fpversion to /usr/lang/SC1.0 
		    rm /usr/lang/f77
		    rm /usr/lang/as			(sun4 only)
		    rm /usr/lang/fpversion		(sun4 only)
	     3. Replace them with the soft links to /usr/lang/SC1.0.1
		    ln -s /usr/lang/SC1.0.1/f77
		    ln -s /usr/lang/SC1.0.1/as		(sun4 only)
		    ln -s /usr/lang/SC1.0.1/fpverison	(sun4 only)
	     4. Copy the "whatis" file from SC1.0.1/README to /usr/lang/man
		    cp SC1.0.1/README/whatis man/whatis

	  B. If FORTRAN 1.4 was installed into /mydir
	     (Non-Standard Installation )
	     1. Put the files into /mydir:
	            cd  /mydir
	            tar  xvf  /tmp/SC1.0.1_tar
	     2. Remove the soft links of f77, as and fpversion to /mydir/SC1.0
		    rm /mydir/f77
		    rm /mydir/as			(sun4 only)
		    rm /mydir/fpversion			(sun4 only)
	     3. Replace them with the soft links to /mydir/SC1.0.1
		    ln -s /mydir/SC1.0.1/f77
		    ln -s /mydir/SC1.0.1/as		(sun4 only)
		    ln -s /mydir/SC1.0.1/fpversion	(sun4 only)
	     4. Copy the "whatis" file from SC1.0.1/README to /mydir/man
		    cp SC1.0.1/README/whatis man/whatis

NOTE: If you have older binaries that are dynamically linked and you would
      like to run them such that they get linked in with these newer patched
      dynamic libraries then you can:

          setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/lang/SC1.0.1
          setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /mydir/SC1.0.1

      so that these newer dynamic libraries are linked in.

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