[TUHS] retro-fuse support for v7 filesystems

Clem Cole clemc at ccc.com
Sun Nov 7 03:00:29 AEST 2021

Very slick -- can't wait to play with it a little bit.  Thank you.

On Sat, Nov 6, 2021 at 5:32 PM Jay Logue via TUHS <tuhs at minnie.tuhs.org>

> Just a quick note to announce that the retro-fuse project now supports
> mounting seventh-edition file systems for read and write on Linux and
> MacOS.  As was done for v6, the project incorporates the actual
> filesystem code from v7 Unix, lightly modernized to run in user space on
> current systems.
> The code is available on github for anyone who's interested:
> https://github.com/jaylogue/retro-fuse
> --Jay
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