[TUHS] Book Recommendation

Ralph Corderoy ralph at inputplus.co.uk
Mon Nov 15 19:49:00 AEST 2021

Hi Clem,

> > > > > > ISBN 978-0-262-54299-0
> > ...
> > > >     https://amzn.to/3qDVV8G
> > > >     ISBN-13: 978-0262542906
> > > >     ISBN-10: 0262542900
> > Three: the ISBN you gave doesn't match Amazon's.  :-)
> > That's how I tried finding it first and why I thought the URL might
> > be useful.
> That the us never from the back cover of my copy
> Sent from a handheld expect more typos than usual

I error-correct that to ‘That was the US number from...’.  :-)
If so, I think you've either missed a subtlety in the emails,
something's gone wrong in publishing, or you had a pre-print where they
didn't know the final number for the back cover?

Yours: 978-0-262-54299-0  Fails ISBN's check-digit
 Mine: 978-0-262-54290-6  Added dashes to match
 Diff:               ^ ^

Amazon's ‘Look Inside’ shows a paperback ISBN-13 of 9780262542906 which
matches what they put on their web page.  OpenLibrary give the same,
as does the Library of Congress catalogue entry.

Anyway, it does look interesting.  I see from the index that they even
mention the Acorn Archimedes, the world's first consumer device with a
RISC chip, the Acorn RISC Machine, AKA the ARM 2.  I learnt ARM
assembler on the A310 model before switching to the R140 which shipped
with RISC iX, Acorn's Unix, and I still get asked to do the odd bit of
swtch() assembler porting on embedded ARM Cortex.

Cheers, Ralph.

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