[TUHS] [Haskell-cafe] Terminator syntax style (Was: Nested (=>) (Was: On finding the right exposition...))

William Cheswick ches at cheswick.com
Thu Oct 7 23:54:28 AEST 2021

Doug, if you insist on applying your superb editing skills on wiki material, we will never hear from you again!

> On Oct 7, 2021, at 9:50 AM, Douglas McIlroy <douglas.mcilroy at dartmouth.edu> wrote:
> Apropos of  "finding the right  exposition"!, consider the cited wiki article:
>       Separator: There is a symbol between each element.
> The more carefully you read this the more it becomes nonsense.
> 1, "Each element" is an individual. You can't put something between an
> individual.
> 2 The defining sentence states a property of a representation of a
> sequence. It fails to indicate that "separator" is the symbol's role.
> In fact what's being defined is "separator notation", not the bare
> word "separator". This usage appears only later in the article. It
> should be employed throughout--most importantly in the title and the
> definition. The same goes for "terminator".
> Doug

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